Epson Lx300 Printer Repair-No Power And Can’t Print – Max232ic Faulty


Irregular no force was the grumbling of this Epson lx 300 printer. Of course, the principle suspect was the force on/off switch. In the wake of expelling the force board from the printer, I could obviously observe a dry joint at the pin of the switch mode power transformer. This was the caused of the printer issue. There was no other free association or dry joints on the other part.

Cleaning with the more slender arrangement and applied new bind tackled the discontinuous no force issue. In this article, I might want you to realize that not all force issues must be brought about by significant parts consumed. A free associations, dry joints, resistor open circuit, high esr ohms in electrolytic capacitor could cause irregular no force or no force by any stretch of the imagination.

Investigating with the correct strategies and utilizing a decent method would regularly settle electronic LM358 IC PinoutĀ  blames without any problem. Something else that I need to impart to you is that the force board is utilizing a double photograph coupler (optoisolator) NEC PS2561-2 ic. There are two separate optoisolator ic incorporated with one single bundle. In the event that you have the ECG Philips ace substitution manual, you could discover the inner outline of this kind of ic. When you find the pinouts, you really could test it with your simple multimeter. About how to test optoisolator, you could allude back to my site.

Now and again there are in excess of barely any issues that you have to fix. In the above case, after catalyst the printer, it can’t print by any stretch of the imagination. It would seem that there was no sign entering the CPU IC. The printer individual test works completely alright. For your data, if this sort of issues occurs in other brand of printer, the investigating strategy is the equivalent. I will initially take a gander at the correspondence chip or cradle chip. In this printer, the principle suspect was the Maxim Max232cwe multi channel RS232 Transceivers ic.

Bind the ic out was not an issue in this smd type ic. After the supplanting with another ic the printer works perfectly. Keep in mind, regardless of whether you are investigating the Epson lx 300 printer or some other model, first check the printer link and afterward the correspondence or support ic.

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